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Klee Engineering Ltd's Blowers and Vacuum Pumps


Choose Klee Engineering Ltd because: 

  • Klee has quality manufacturing accreditation.

  • The Danish company has more than 70 years of manufacturing experience- it was founded in 1944 in Denmark and in 2011 it created a Taiwan subsidiary to speed up shipping times for this side of the world. 

Klee Engineering Ltd can provide side channel blowers, turbo blowers and 3 Lobe Roots Blowers.

Klee's side channel blowers

Their blowers are quiet, reliable, well suited for applications with hot air and easy to install. The key characteristics of Klee Blowers are:

  • Quiet: Equipped with low noise, high-efficiency IP54 induction motor and specially designed mufflers all blower series feature quiet operation.
  • Type number:Types with outer bearing are known by the type number (KBxxx). Types with inner bearing are known by an ‘L” after the type number (KBxxxL), and are specially well suited for applications with hot air.
  • Mechanical Features: Three-dimensional blower impellers rotation enables the air between the blades to accelerate along the radius direction. The air is forced to return to the base of the impeller due to pressure difference, throwing it outward and forward through a spiral path. This action is repeated and causes the air gain pressure until it reaches the outlet port of the housing. The air is ejected from the impeller and from the blower through the outlet.
  • Longer operation life: The external bearing design allows the bearings to operate in low temperature which causes fast heat dissipation and uniform loading capacity. The lubrication oil is more durable causing longer maintenance intervals.
  • Easy Installation: The base of all blower models is made with flexible steel plates featuring shock absorption. The base is fastened with screws. The base can also be fixed using the screw holes on the front cover, enabling either vertical or horizontal installation as required.
  • Long Time Operation: Made of aluminium alloy, all KLEE blowers are lightweight and excellent in heat dissipation, thus allowing long time operation even under ambient temperatures reaching 40C, insulation class F and H ensures better reliability.
  • Fully closed Unit: Multi-layer shaft seals are used to thoroughly separate the motor coil from the blower body, which ensures excellent performance and prevents motor damage.