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Klee 3 Lobe Roots Blower 

The benefits of the  Klee series 3-lobe roots blower:

  • High rotation speed (the maximum speed can be up to 4450 RPM on the blower shaft)
  • High capacity 
  • High efficiency
  • Great liner structure has reduced the sectional area of rotors to improve capacity.
  • High pressure
  • Lighter than the KBKV series
  • The inlet sizes is from 2,5" to 12"
  • The pressure of single blower can be 1 Kgf/cm².
  • Low vibration, high grade of balance accuracy (G2.5) can control the vibration of X,Y,Z coordinate.
  • Low loss of pressure, 180 degrees vertical structure between inlet and outlet, reduces the pressure loss of the blower.

The blower package includes the base, safety cover, inlet silencer, pulley, belt, outlet short pipe, safety valve, pressure gauge, one-way valve, vibration proof connector, outlet silencer, vibration damper.

These blowers are useful in:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Biogas production
  • Fish and prawn pond aeration
  • Wastewater purification-oxygenation of sludge tanks