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We work closely with Tolomatic's design engineers to find the right products for your application.

They will recommend the right products and pricing.

Tolomatic has earned an industry-wide reputation for designing and manufacturing highly durable and reliable actuators for a variety of industries, including packaging, material handling, medical, food processing, automotive, semiconductor, and general automation.

The Tolomatic range includes:

  • Pneumatic Rodless Cylinders
  • Rod Cylinder Slides
  • Vane Rotary Pneumatic Actuators

Tolomatic products are designed for the ultimate in reliability, for example the new MX range of Rodless Cylinders built with Tolomatic Endurance Technology.  All models feature Durable stainless steel bands, will not expand like elastomer (non-metallic) bands, providing reliable sealing for the life of the actuator.

Electric Linear Motion Control

Tolomatic has all you need for electric linear motion control with an extensive offering of rodless and rod-style electrical linear actuators. Complete your actuator system with either servo or stepper motion control.

See their range here.

ServoWeld® Resistance Spot Welding Actuators

ServoWeld® GSWA Series servo actuators are used in servo resistance spot welding for robotic applications. They combine servo motor technology in a powerful high-force actuator for a compact profile and faster resistant spot weld cycles—perfect for automotive body-in-white spot welding applications.

See their range here.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Tolomatic pneumatic linear actuators include space-saving rodless pneumatic linear actuator designs in band-type, cable and magnetically coupled air cylinder styles. Rod-style Power-Block™ pneumatic linear actuators or thrusters are perfect for short stroke applications.


This includes the BC2 pneumatic band cylinder.

It continues to be a solid performer for a wide variety of pneumatic applications.

BC2 pneumatic band cylinders provide multiple mounting options for both vertical and horizontal applications and offer low to moderate load-carrying capacities.

  • Rubber dust band sealing design does not attract metal particulates making the BC2 a good choice for welding powder metal pressing or metal grinding applications
  • Adjustable cushions for smooth deceleration
  • Adjustable load-carrying bracket provides true tracking and load support
  • Maximum flexibility and versatile horizontal and vertical mounting

See their range here.

Industrial Power Transmission

Tolomatic's line of industrial power transmission products, which includes roller screws, gearboxes, brakes and clutches, have over 60 years of proven performance in a wide variety of industrial applications.

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