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Viair Compressors

If your automotive customers want a smoother ride or want their car to look more aggressive, then get Viair’s 450C Dual Performance Value Pack from us. The kit features two VIAIR 450C Chrome air compressors, two heavy duty 40-amp relays, a 110 PSI cut-on, 145 PSI cut-off pressure switch and remote mount filter assemblies with mounting hardware. With a 100% duty cycle and up to 150 PSI, this kit provides high performance for any air suspension kit, industrial applications, air horns or off-road mobile pneumatic needs. We also stock their 12 and  24V compressors, which are the most durable of all those on the market,  pressure switches and relay switches. Talk to us about your options.

We have compressors ranging from 2.2kW to 250 kW.