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Why you should choose Compressed Air Controls:


Compressed Air Controls



We have six service technicians covering the lower North Island; four in Palmerston North and two in Wellington. 

They may have one or two staff to cover the lower North Island.


Our technicians are pneumatic engineers which enable them to look after industrial air compressors and pneumatic controls and equipment.

The service technicians are just compressor technicians.

Support staff 

Our support staff keeps growing. With Alan Ross, our new Operations Manager, and  Greg Burrows becoming our permanent team leader in charge of the Inside Sales and Logistics team in Palmerston North, our staff numbers have grown to 18.

Some companies may have high staff turn over.


We have the most experienced service technicians in the lower North Island. Hamish Loveridge and Jason Crawford have about 25 years of experience between them. The company owner, Russell Crawford, has over 40 years of industry experience.

Those companies then have staff with low experience, due to that high staff turn over.

Brands serviced, parts available

We service all brands and provide genuine and alternative parts. Every technician's vehicle is stocked with compressor parts and fittings, including service and breakdown kits. Between our stores in Wellington and Palmerston North we hold over one million dollars worth of stock to support all pneumatic and compressor needs.

Limited to servicing certain brands and by what parts they stock and their store locations.

Preventative maintenance

AirCare✓, Compressed Air Controls’ preventative maintenance schedule for
blowers, vacuum and ALL compressors of ANY brand, has a no breakdown guarantee for those with Premium or Premium Plus Cover.
That means if your compressor breaks down after you have signed up for AirCare, we will fix it free of charge. (Conditions apply.)


CSM database

Our Customer Site Management database, when used with AirCare✓;
-predicts issues and rectifies them before they cause any damage 
-lets us know when routine services are due
-shows the machine's full-service history 
-details the Health and Safety requirements of a site.


Tiered support

We can call in a range of experienced staff if we strike a challenging diagnostic fault.


Distributor meetings

We run distributor meetings- like our recent one with MAC Valve distributors- where we learned how MAC Valves can help with applications like dust collection and thus help you find solutions to industry issues.


Distribute high- quality ELGi Equipments Ltd compressors with industry-leading warranties and finance options

Compressed Air Controls distirbute and  install  ELGi Equipments Ltd industrial air compressors because their high-quality compressors have:

 ✓ Industry-leading warranty- ELGi offers a Lifetime warranty of 10 years for their screw compressors when you combine it with AirCare✓. This is double the length of some competitor's warranties.

✓ Low cost of ownership 

✓ High-efficiency Siemens IE3 rated electric motors and control gear

✓ Full-featured electronic controllers are standard

Mechanics, through Capricorn, have finance options to purchase workshop equipment from us.

Some competitors can offer a warranty of five years on compressors.

VFD. Variable Frequency Drive for electric motors

ELGi’s VFD can reduce the energy cost of an average compressor by 18 percent. Conventional motor drive controls with the high-efficiency IE3 motors are easily serviced and available.

VSD with complex motors and common shafts, which require complete compressor removal for relatively minor work.

Itemised quotes

On their quotes Compressed Air Controls itemise all products like
ELGi AirMate Accessories- let us compare quotes so you know you are getting the best price and service.



Instead of offering an itemised quote, some competitors invoice as a lump sum, not showing what you actually pay for!

The quote may seem low but then they might do more and then retroactively charge more.

Alternatively, important items may not get serviced and cause a breakdown and call out charges when these fail. 

Some companies are offering cheap servicing - which could cost you more as it could be an incorrect service interval as per OEM specifications and they have no site history or consideration for site conditions.

Don't put your compressor at risk from inexperienced service companies.

Aluminium airlines

We use elbow fittings or preforms from the manufacturer -Aircom Italy- as needed.

Some companies bend the pipe instead of using elbow fittings. This is clearly shown in the installation manuals as a no-no as it compromises the pipe integrity and the internal anodising.

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