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Employment Opportunities

Women encouraged to apply to be an engineering apprentice with Compressed Air Controls 

Compressed Air Controls are currently looking for an apprentice for their Palmerston North branch through Apprentice Training New Zealand (ATNZ).

Applicants in their late 20s with pre-trade experience were preferred, Compressed Air Controls’ Service Manager Jason Crawford said.

He was open to hiring a female apprentice, especially as many women had lost their retail or hospitality jobs due to Covid-19

Of Compressed Air Controls’ 19 employees, five are female and work within administration, parts and marketing.  

“I don’t have a background in pneumatics or compressors but the staff are great at explaining things without technical jargon getting in the way, showing me the products and demonstrating how they work so I can write about that easier, “ says former journalist-turned-marketing and communications coordinator, Abby Brown. 

She said any woman with an enthusiasm for engineering would be warmly welcomed into the team. 

Jason’s daughter, Devyn Crawford, recently started an engineering apprenticeship with a Compressed Air Controls’ customer, Petone Engineering Ltd.

 She said starting the role was a little bit scary but they were really welcoming.

 “I had worried that I would not be strong enough to lift heavy things but they help you anyway and most stuff is lifted by machines and you do build muscle.”

 She had had experiences at another business where an older generation of men did not take her seriously as a potential apprentice.

 Petone Engineering Ltd’s workshop supervisor, Kieran Houssenloge, did acknowledge that females in some trades were still a foreign concept to some. 

 “It’s normal to me- it’s nothing special- I treat them the same as everyone else.”

 He said Devyn and the other female apprentice, Emma, worked just as hard as the males.

 He did joke that there were benefits to hiring females as they could remember more than males could.

 Emma started in November last year and Devyn a month ago and were both benefitting from the Apprenticeship Boost scheme, which our apprentice could also take advantage of.

 Kieran said the most important deciding factor if someone fitted into his company’s culture was attitude.

 “You have to be willing to get your hands dirty, be thankful you have a job and not think any small task is beneath you; every job has a purpose in a workshop.”

 He said if you have a great attitude, are professional and are always trying to improve yourself then you can succeed in any trade.

 If you have all those attributes then apply to be Compressed Air Controls’ apprentice here- click on the general engineering role in Palmerston North.