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November 28 2019:

Upgrade helps Kiwi Lumber Masterton hit a daily record of 605m3, up from 440m3

Kiwi Lumber Masterton increased their daily production recently, thanks in part to Compressed Air Controls upgrading their MAC Valves, Royal Cylinders and Firestone Air Bellows, and taking over-servicing their site’s compressors.

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Before the upgrade, Kiwi Lumber’s normal daily rate of productivity was 440m3 of cut and finished timber and their highest daily rate of production was 556m3/day.

Our upgrades helped them hit a daily record of 605m3.

They have also had continued increases in daily production.

“We have done some major MAC Valves and Royal Cylinder upgrades in the past 12 months that have improved reliability, consumed less compressed air and made the plant more efficient,” Steve Carran, Compressed Air Controls’  technical sales engineer, said.

“I was tasked with reducing air leakage from the mill and improve reliability and increase production by minimising any down time or stoppages due to pneumatic failure.”

He replaced the failing and constantly breaking down Norgen and SMC cylinders with Royal heavy duty mill specification R and L series cylinders. A number of old MAC Valves were also installed and upgraded.

You will only see us for servicing, and not between

Not only has the upgrade increased productivity, it means the company will see less of the Compressed Air Controls’ team. “That is what we aim for- to provide our customers with such quality equipment that our service technicians are only on-site for preventative maintenance, not for breakdowns.”

Sometimes the unforeseeable happens though; we are here 24/7 for breakdowns and callouts. 

It also means Steve makes himself redundant because these products are so high-quality that they will last so long, even in such a heavy-duty industry as a timber mill.

Contact our sales staff via, ​​​​ or for more information on how they can increase your production through upgrading equipment or other solutions.



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