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Compressed Air Controls' pneumatic design expertise ​used to automate bus doors

Coachwork Central is a builder and manufacturer of buses and coaches and has a strong focus on quality to exceed customer needs.

An integral part of their coaches are the passenger doors and Coachwork Central developed a mechanical leverage system for constant loads during the open/close door movements.

However, as a part of this design they needed to ensure the doors would open and close on operator demand, and that a person or object won’t get trapped in the door or be caused any harm. This is when Coachwork Central enlisted Compressed Air Controls' pneumatic design expertise.

We took into account their driver and external controls, automation requirements and safety concerns and came up with a prototype that they could integrate with their system that would provide the reliability and sensitivity they required.

This was 20 years ago and have made more refinements over time which has provided an economical and simple door control system for Coachwork Central.

The products we chose to use in this design include MAC’s 35, 45 and 100 series valves for their repeatability and sensitivity. We knew that they would handle the high sensitivity of the auto-opening of the doors should an object or person get in the way as they were closing. We also selected to use Bonessi air cylinders for their reliability and ability to fit into a small space and John Guest fittings and tubes for their robustness.

As with all our pneumatic design concepts, we take into consideration our customers’ requirements and the environment the design will operate in and chose the suppliers products that will best meet their needs.

We have decades of experience in providing solutions for businesses just like Coachwork Central.

If you would like to know more about our pneumatic automation design process, click here, or get in touch with us today to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation on 0508 763 862.

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