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WATCH: Higgins staff safer now with remote chip spreader

We have been working with civil construction business Higgins since the early 1990s, supplying pneumatics to control the gates on their chip spreaders. Up until 2008, the gates were controlled using mechanical lever valves and required an operator to manually open the gate when chip needed to be spread.

Due to the safety concerns of their operators, Higgins wanted a remote control application designed that would allow operators to control the gate at a safe distance from the chip spreader trucks when they reverse and drop the chip onto hot tar. In 2013 we built an application using a 12 channel remote to do just that, and by 2014 all of their chip spreaders were using this design.

Knowing that adding additional controls to the remote was a possibility, Higgins asked us to develop the application further. We have enhanced the initial design and developed a prototype that will allow the chip volume and truck deck be controlled via a remote also. You can see one of the chip spreaders in action here.

This is one example of remote control applications that we have built. If you would like to know more about having a remote control package designed, email us or give us a call on 0508 763 862.

The above image shows the inside of the design. Each valve operates a gate on the Chip Spreader.

A Higgins Chip Spreader with our design connecting the valves to each gate. As you can see, the operators are far safer now that the gates can be controlled via remote control.

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