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Out-of-the-box pneumatic solutions attracted Inflex International Ltd

Innovative Game Changer to Chemical Dispensing 

Inflex International Ltd has recently launched its patented chemical dispensing controller based on its miniaturised double acting diaphragm pump. Traditionally, specialty chemical dispensing relied on peristaltic pumps for measuring out chemical volumes, however, this technology was always originally designed for use with inert compounds such as blood.

Designing something specifically for chemical use always needed a complete re-write says Mark Bell Booth, CEO of Inflex. 

“The double acting diaphragm was well proven but always more in the “Wilden Pump’ type of dimensions. Our plan was to have something more along the lines of 3ml output rather than 300 mls output per stroke,” he says.

Offering accurate dispensing by providing an exact measured dose for industrial chemicals based on an algorithm which takes into account the class of liquid, the exact dose required, and how far the pump needs to push it to where it needs to be used was all part of the ‘rules rewrite’.

During the test development phase, Mark says they ran the dispensers for more than three million cycles and still didn’t need to replace or change out components.

“The pump is not the weak point,” he says. “If you are installing a peristaltic pump you have to have a strong service model as you always have to change the tubes. With our pumps, you wouldn’t need to worry”.

Mark first approached Compressed Air Controls as he had heard of our reputation as providing out-of-the-box pneumatic solutions and he wanted suitable valve options for his first dispensing unit. 

When he wanted his pumps to suck and push further and fit into a smaller footprint than a standard valve, he asked us for our input; we suggested he use MAC’s Bullet valve to help drive the pump. We recommended the Bullet Valve due to its unique vertical mounting style which results in very little space being utilised, and its  long-life lifting solenoid and repeatable response times regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. 

Mark says that their pumps solve a lot of problems for those in the food and beverage industry. 

“Due to its accurate dispensing, users will save money, not only because the pumps won’t need servicing, but because the dosing will be accurate, every single time. 

The environment also wins because excessively dosed chemicals won’t end up in our rivers. This is because by using Inflex pumps, there will always be dose accuracy”, he says.

The pumps are definitely a game changer to its users, not only in NZ but globally, and we are proud to have contributed to this innovative design. 

Mark says he is going to “hit it out of the park” and we believe him. We look forward to watching the global success of Inflex. 

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