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Compressed Air Controls provided compressors to withstand Malteurop's heavy-duty demands

Malteurop is a multinational leader in the malt industry. Its plant in Marton can produce up to 43,000 tonne of malt, and supplies the domestic and export brewing markets. Malteurop's plant runs 24/7, and their Rotary Screw Compressor is an integral component to their operation.  

In 2011, MaltEurop’s main compressor had clocked up over 32,000 hours and was requiring a number of unscheduled services. This disrupted the processing plant and put strain on their back-up compressor, which was also clocking up high hours.

After considering the plant’s operational requirements, we recommended they install a replacement rotary screw compressor as it is a reliable, efficient compressor that can be used over prolonged periods.

Since installation, their compressor has run for more than 70,000 hours and despite the huge amount of hours the compressor has clocked up in the last five years, it still looks like new!

We regularly service it as per our maintenance schedule and in the whole time it has been operating on a 24/7 basis, it has only had one minor unscheduled repair. This was due to some loose insulation foam, which we were able to resolve on the same day. Malteurop had taken out an Extended Warranty option so the repair was covered under warranty.

This is just an example of how the compressors we supply are the leaders in industrial compressors and are built for a lifetime!

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