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September 17, 2019:

Fire Service impressed by customer service beyond their expectations

Where our competitors would have struggled, we rose to the challenge.

One Friday one of our Service Technicians was called out to replace a faulty part on a HazMat truck in the Palmerston North Fire Service's fleet.

This truck provides critical communication connections during a fire in remote areas where reception is hard to find.

The technician was asked to fix the fault of the communications mast creeping down from its essential upright position.

He followed the provided circuitry's instructions to replace the part but that created a new problem; instead of sitting flat when not in use, the tilt mast would go down and then hit the switch and go back up.

Our pneumatic competitors would have tried to just supply another valve, whereas we have a unique approach.

We provide unique tier support to our technicians, so after following the instructions and not getting the result he needed, he called in a more experienced team member and together they realised the provided drawing was inadequate.

Geoffrey McMeur, the fire technician for Cable Price, said he "absolutely stoked" with how Compressed Air Controls went above and beyond.

"He called in backup- boom- and they worked on it to 7.30 at night when most people would want to knock off and then to work on the scenario over the weekend was more than we asked for."

Calling in that back up cost the customer more, but now CAC can quickly retrofit 17 of the Fire Services' HazMat trucks.

We believe utilizing experience is priceless.

He was grateful that the team recognised that original drawing was "crude and not to industry standard" so redrew it and then supplied them with it for their manual.

"I was very impressed; the guys put in the maximum effort and the truck looked absolutely mint afterwards."

This is part of our unique strengths; we can design,- or re-design- supply, service and repair.

Our pneumatic competitors focus more on component supply so the turnaround in being able to redesign the pneumatic circuitry could be slower as they would possibly need to contact out of town designers.

fire truck (2).jpg

fire truck.jpgfire truck valves.jpg

A snippet of the pneumatic circuitry CAC redesigned.

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