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Ogo Technology

Ogo Technology - more than just a fancy wheelchair

The Ogo is a multi-purpose recreational hands-free electric mobility device designed to improve the lives of people with restricted mobility, yet has appeal and benefits to folks of all abilities.   Invented by New Zealander Kevin Halsall, the Ogo allows users to go most places (and almost anywhere with its Off Road Kit such as soft sand and gravel). It’s the smallest, lightest and fastest powered mobility device of its kind globally.

The idea for the Ogo first came to Kevin when he saw how his friend Marcus, a paraplegic, struggled to use his hand bike when participating in recreational activities off-road, such as archery. As an inventor, designer and pattern maker, Kevin set himself the goal to develop a device which would increase Marcus’ mobility and allow him the freedom to compete as an equal.

Kevin’s extensive research, which included purchasing a Segway to provide the self balancing and all terrain capability, led him to design one of the outstanding features of the Ogo Evolution 1 - a patented active seat control system. This intuitive design uses core muscle strength to activate electronic sensors that power the mechanical parts which move the device. This means that when the driver leans forward, the Ogo moves forward, when the driver leans to the side, it moves in the new direction, and when the driver leans back, the Ogo stops or reverses. You see more about this impressive feature in their video here.

Kevin’s team has visited Compressed Air Controls since 2016 for pneumatic fittings for the Ogo prototypes they have designed.  Our Wellington Branch Manager Glenn has been very impressed, and inspired, by the progress Kevin and his team at Ogo Technology have made.

“It’s inspirational to see a local company be able to design and build such a unique and innovative product”, says Glenn.

“We are very proud to be allowed to play a small part and supply components to the project.”

Six years of development, thousands of hours of work and several prototypes later, Kevin and his team at Ogo Technology are now at a stage where production is underway for the Ogo Evolution 1. They are taking orders from people in NZ, Australia, Canada, USA, the UK and Europe.

ogo-technology-case-study-3.jpgIf you would like to know more about Ogo Technology and the fantastic Ogo Evolution 1, click here.

Note: the Ogo Evolution 1 is not a medical device or health product