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Watson & Son

Watson & Son is a 100% New Zealand owned company who specialise in the production of premium Manuka honey. Based in the Wairarapa, their honey is processed and packed in their busy factory, which undertakes a range of operations, as well as making beehives and honey extraction.

As they are in the food and pharmaceutical industry, their factory is required to meet stringent air quality requirements. To help them meet the ISO quality requirement on their pharmaceutical application, we supplied them with a reciprocating compressor, dryer and filters. For their extractor application, they have a standard piston compressor, dryer and Master Pneumatic filters. Once this production increases to a 24/7 operation, they will need an additional rotary compressor.

With our routine servicing, these compressors and equipment will ensure that they will have years of trouble-free use, and help them avoid unnecessary hold-ups in production. Of course, with us managing the maintenance of this equipment, we will ensure they continue to meet the required air quality standards.

Check out their honey extractor application in use here, which is one of the many pneumatic applications we can assist with designing, maintaining and installing.

If you would like to know more how we can help your factory meet ISO air quality requirements, contact us today.