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We provide a range of products and solutions to the farming industry. Here are some examples:

Sheds: We provide reliable, long-life compressors to run herringbone or rotary sheds, including industrial quality compressors which are three phase with  70% duty cycle. 

Servicing:  We offer servicing of compressors to ensure long life and no disruption to milking.

Air quality: We stock a range of products that will help you met ISO grade 1.4.1. This includes a refrigerant dryer, filter set, and an auto-drain, to help give peace of mind, which drains itself. 

Drafting gates: We have solenoid valves, pneumatic rams, fittings and tube. We can package this solution which is very easy to install. 

Transport: We look after the compressors and pneumatics for farm transport. 

General: We stock great workshop compressors.

If you are in the farming industry and after a product, service or solution, get in touch with one of the team.