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Bullet Valves

Are you looking for improved sorting accuracy, better response times and increased performance for your application? We have the answer with MAC's Bullet Valve.

When it comes to fluid applications, it is important that a valve’s output is repeatable under all pressure levels and that the same result is achieved each time a valve shifts. MAC’s bullet valve is an advanced design that features a unique ‘lifting’ solenoid where the valve maintains a balanced design (and so is unaffected by fluctuations in air pressure).  

The Bullet Valve is available in many dimensional variants to meet high flow, compact space, and extremely fast and repeatable response times, and provides a variety of mounting possibilities.

MAC Bullet Valve advantages include:

  • Precise repeatability
  • Improved sorting accuracy
  • Complete solution integration
  • Very few parts
  • Unique mounting - no fasteners or screws required
  • Short stroke with high shifting forces
  • Balanced poppet, immune to pressure fluctuations
  • Extremely long life
  • Solenoid isolated from contaminated air
  • Axial flow design.