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Proportional Pressure Control Valves

Proportional valves — which change air pressure outputs in proportion to their electrical command input value — provide dependable, cost-effective, compact solutions for fast response and consistent control at relatively low flow rates. Proportional control technology is ideal where precise performance is required in variable pressure and flow applications.

MAC Valves' Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) Valve design offers much more than in terms of performance, features and reliability than other PPC valves.

The PPC controls output pressure by constantly measuring its downstream pressure and comparing it to the command signal. If a higher pressure is commanded the PPC quickly responds by actuating the MAC fill valve, increasing the output pressure until it is equal to the pressure represented by the command signal. Conversely, if a lower pressure is required, the PPC will energise the MAC exhaust valve, decreasing output pressure until the correct pressure is achieved. All of this happens very quickly to smoothly maintain the correct pressure.

This approach to pressure control provides a small, light, and cost effective unit.