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Do you know what pressure and flow rate your compressor needs? 

Don’t let your lack of knowledge mean you are taken advantage of.

You could end up spending more money to buy something that is overkill for your requirements. 

Or you could think you are getting a good deal and then have to spend additional money. 

We have heard off companies who have been hooked by cheaply priced compressors and then had to spend thousands more on additional equipment or had redundant machines that are ruined by lack of use. 

  • Compressed Air Controls’ free data site assessments that looks at:

    • Usage: What will the compressor be used for? 

    • Demand: How many hours a day/week/year will the compressor be in use? 

    • Pressure: What pressure does your compressor need?

    • Flow Rate: What flow rate do you need?


  • We are all about transparency and credibility. Your trust in us is priceless. 


  • Our itemised quotes shows

    • the cost of the compressor 

    • the cost of installing it 

    • and dryers, filters and drains

    • the quote also compares the service costs of your current compressor to other compressor brands and the features and benefits. 

Plug-in and produce system

Compressed Air Controls provide turnkey solutions. We will also make sure the compressor can communicate with your current communication system. This is a plug-in and produce system. We have heard of other service providers installing compressors and then the factory having production downtime while computers that could communicate with them were installed. 

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