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The true cost of compressor ownership is electricity use

Believe it or not, operating a compressor is usually more expensive than purchasing one. 

The equipment itself only accounts for just over 10 percent of the cost of producing compressed air.

That is why you should buy ELGi compressors, such as Encapsulated screw air compressors​​​, as they are designed for lower cost of ownership by being energy efficient.

ELGi’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Anvar Jay Varadaraj, said in an ELGi blog that companies risked compromising the quality of their equipment for a lower entry price.

He advised managers to adopt a life-cycle cost analysis as opposed to just focusing on the price.

“About 85% of a compressor’s cost derives from energy consumption, cost of spares, cost of service, warranty, and downtime.”

He said ELGi are trying to minimize the impact of that.

The company was doing that through owning its own foundry, which supplies nearly 400 castings for their products and investing in machining centers to construct their Airends within a two-micron tolerance.

 Both initiatives allow for the highest control over quality while offering the best warranty for customers. 

“Our six-year Airend warranty is the best in the industry,” he said.

ELGi’s Airend design allows for customers to get the Airend serviced after ten years and continue running the machine as opposed to procuring a new machine or replacing the Airend, which will equal the cost of a new machine.

Other ways ELGi’s compressors are energy efficient: 

  • Multiple Motor Classes: ELGi offers motors ranging from IE1 to IE4 efficiency for its compressed air range, which allows customers the option to pick the efficiency class as per their budget and requirements. 

  • Large Airends: Both the electric screw compressors and the portable screw compressor offer the best volumetric efficiency and consequently the lowest energy consumption in the industry. 

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs): ELGi’s screw compressors can be manufactured with in-built VFDs that will vary the motor speed according to the air demand, thereby reducing power consumption. 

  • ELGi also offers standalone VFDs, which can be retrofitted to a non VFD compressor. 

Other ways Compressed Air Controls can help you save money:

Design, supply, install: we can do it all! Whether you are building a new factory or retrofitting, we can design how the compressor will be positioned and install it.  Within this, we can advise you on the most cost-effective way to dry and purify your air. If you are retrofitting then Compressed Air Controls’ sales engineer can run an Air Data (AD) Assessment to help assess a customer’s demand pattern and propose the ideal compressor.

Maintain: Regular inspections and maintenance, like our proactive approach to maintenance called AirCare✓, can decrease repairs. This tends to be more cost-effective as you are less likely to have production downtime through breakdowns and because it extends the lifespan of machinery.

Repair: Our Wellington and Palmerston North-based service technicians provide 24/7 response to breakdowns.

Start saving money today- contact us to discuss our ELGI range

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