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Why Compressed Air Controls joined ELGi’s world


BLUE: more than 100 countries do business with ELGi

RED: 18 countries where ELGi has a direct presence

GREEN: three countries that ELGi manufactures in.

ELGi is the best compressor brand in the world

Why are Compressed Air Controls impressed by ELGi?

Because the rest of the world is!

There are more than 2 million ELGi compressors installed in countries around the world.

The Indian based company, which has manufacturing facilities in India, Italy and America and warehouse facilities in 18 countries, including in Australia, Brazil, the Middle-East and the US, do business with more than 100 countries.  

What is so impressive about ELGI?

The equation is simple:

a high-quality compressor + the low cost of ownership = ELGi.

ELGi’s high quality comes from:

  • Using high-efficiency Siemens IE3 rated electric motors and Siemens control gear

  • Each ELGi compressor is fitted with full-featured electronic controllers as standard

  • ELGi compressors are designed for ease of service

  • ELGi compressors come with the industry-leading warranty:  ELGi offers a Lifetime warranty of 10 years for their screw compressors when you combine it with AirCare✓. This is double the length of some competitor's warranties.

ELGi is minimizing the cost of compressor ownership 

ELGi have lowered the cost of ownership through producing energy-efficient compressors, such as Encapsulated screw air compressors​​​, and lower service costs. 70% of the cost of running a compressor is its electricity use. 

Compressed Air Controls has been independently supplying compressors for nearly 30 years. 

ELGi was established in 1960 as an air compressor and garage equipment manufacturing company.


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