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Solenoid and Process Valves

We stock a wide range of combined acting, direct acting and indirect acting process solenoid valves suitable for a range of industries and conditions such as flow, temperature, and liquid level.


We stock the MAC solenoid 3-way and 4-way range.


ODE has been designing, producing and selling solenoid valves since 1960. Solenoid valves are available in the range of direct-acting, with pilot control, combined operation and proportional solenoid valves, which are developed and designed with three dimensional CAD CAM systems.  Sizes of the valves start from 1/8" and go up to 2".

Popular valves include the Angle Seat Valve, designed to be suitable for contaminated and chemically aggressive fluids, and valves for coffee machines. 

We stock ODE valves for a wide range of applications including:

  • Coffee machines
  • Compressors
  • Cooling devices
  • Instance irrigation systems
  • Medical equipment.


We supply Haitima quality ball and butterfly valves.