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Pulse Valves

Mac Pulse Valves outperforms every existing pulse valve on the market, leaving you with lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance requirements and an increase in the efficiency of your dust collection.

Why should you choose MAC Pulse Valves?

MAC Pulse Valves are equipped with a bonded spool which allows the valve to operate in contaminated environments. With the bonded spool, the pulse valve has a life up to 10 times the lifetime of a diaphragm valve. A primary benefit of this design is that the valves open and close quicker, creating a more effective pulse of air. This enables a better cleaning of the dust collector - making the bags last longer and provide a savings in energy costs.

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How simple are they to integrate?

MAC Pulse Valves are developed to replace the diaphragm valves that are used on the filters with no changes to your installation. The use of a bonded spool instead of a diaphram results in faster switching of the valves, higher impact forces and a better cleaning of the dust collector.

These valves are available with direct mounted solenoid or remote. For dust collectors that are susceptible to high temperatures, MAC offers a high temperature spool, resistant to temperatures up to 110°C. 

Look at the difference of the dust bags once a pulse valve has been installed with these before and after photos.