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Compressed Air Controls congratulates ELGi Equipments on international award for total quality management

Compressed Air Controls sends their congratulations to their go-to compressor manufacturer, ELGi, for winning the Deming Prize.

This prize is for total quality management and was awarded by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE).

“This shows that this company is impressing everyone, all over the world, with the quality of the products and their employees’ knowledge,” Compressed Air Controls owner Russell Crawford said.

He said the win was even more impressive as Elgi Equipments was the first air compressor manufacturer to be awarded it in over 60 years. 

“They are obviously winning fans around the world,” Russell said.

There are more than 2 million ELGi compressors installed in countries around the globe.

The India based company, which has manufacturing facilities in India, Italy and America and warehouse facilities in 18 countries, including in Australia, Brazil, the Middle-East and the US, does business with more than 100 countries.  

What this means for NZ consumers:

This award is just another sign that ELGi is the air compressor manufacturer to buy products from. They have already lowered the cost of ownership with their energy-efficient compressors, and have the industry-leading warranty.

ELGi’s path to the award:

ELGi has been on its TQM journey since 2008, as part of their goal to be the second-largest manufacturer of air compressors by 2027. 

Jairam Varadaraj, managing director of ELGi Equipments, said: “TQM has helped us become a better company for all of our stakeholders.”

Activities pursued under the strategy include:

  • Production improvement activities.

  • Human resource development initiatives.

  • 400 hours of employee training per person for those on the shop floor.

  • Implementing in house and external quality education.

  • The creation of ELGi’s own vocational training school. 

  • Standardisation of sales processes.

“At ELGi, we endeavour to accomplish ordinary tasks in an extraordinary manner, and turn extraordinary ambitions into ordinary tasks; TQM has significantly enabled the same,” Jairam said.

Elgi Equipments conferred the 2019 Deming Prize.jpg

Jairam Varadaraj, managing director of ELGi Equipments, left, and  Mr Jayakanthan, ELGi's Director-Product, Systems & Strategy, accepted the Deming Prize.

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