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February 24, 2020:

Watson's Garden is Another ELGi convert


Don Watson reckons “you can’t go wrong” if you follow Compressed Air Controls’ advice.

Before his ELGi SS 07 LB reciprocating air compressor was installed he had never heard of the brand but trusted Compressed Air Controls’ sales manager Russell Crawford’s advice.

“We have used them for 25 odd years, we use people we can trust; we don’t deal with monkeys,” Don said.

“We go on his expertise- you can’t go wrong.”

Don was also impressed with pneumatic engineer Mike Chapman‘s installation.

Don said it was running the misting system and seed sowing machine at Watson’s Garden in Otaki  “good as gold”.

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ELGi have the same features as many competitors but at a more attractive price. Having a totally enclosed belt guard is important as Worksafe inspectors frown on compressors without them.

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ELGi install in Watson Garden.jpg