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What you can do to keep your compressor running smoothly

Compressed Air Controls can run tests and maintain your compressor proactively or reactively but there are simple things you can do to keep your compressor running smoother for longer and thus save you money.

Daily Tasks to Check Before Use:

  • Check the Pump Oil level
  • Inspect for Oil Leaks
  • Drain the tank of any water
  • Test for unusual noise or vibration
  • Inspect belts
  • Test for air leaks

Weekly Items to Check:

  • Clean the air filter or replace it, if needed

Monthly Maintenance Tasks:

  • Inspect the safety relief valve
  • Inspect connections for leaks
  • Test your belts
  • Check and tighten any bolts

Annual Tasks:

  • Service the pump and engine
  • Run your air compressor and check its output
  • Review all safety equipment and shutoff options