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What you can do to keep your compressor running smoothly

Compressed Air Controls can run tests and maintain your compressor proactively or reactively but there are simple things you can do to keep your compressor running smoother for longer and thus save you money.

Daily Tasks to Check Before Use:

  • Check the pump oil level
  • Inspect for oil leaks
  • Drain the tank of any water
  • Test for unusual noise or vibration
  • Inspect belts
  • Test for air leaks

Weekly Items to Check:

  • Clean the air filter or replace it, if needed

Monthly Maintenance Tasks:

Rule number one before you begin performing any maintenance tasks to your compressor is to read the operator's manual as this will guide you to the correct location of the parts within the compressor and provide essential tips to maintain your air compressor properly.

If compressor maintenance is performed poorly or homemade items are used to repair the compressor, this could result in the warranty being voided so don't hesitate to contact us for advice or to schedule a service.

  • Inspect the safety relief valve
  • Inspect connections for leaks
  • Test your belts
  • Check and tighten any bolts/ fasteners 
  • Cleaning intake vents
  • Regularly checking hoses for corrosion or crack
  • Checking and changing air and oil filters
  • Cleaning the heat exchangers

Contact us if any of the following issues occur in your air compressor:

  • Any electrical issues
  • Motor issues
  • Valve/drain removal on larger units
  • Pressure switch repair

Seasonal Maintenance Tasks:


Spring and summer bring humidity challenges for your compressor so make sure it is not hitting high temperatures, is well ventilated and that everything is clean.

Option 1: Contact us

There is a lot of things you could take to ensure your compressor will be ready for the challenges that the warmer weather will bring, or you could contact us to service it and know everything will be checked,  Our experienced service technicians would do all of the below tasks for you, and more.

Option 2: Do it yourself:

Spring Clean, Check, and Maintain

Three words to keep your compressor working efficiently despite Spring and Summer’s challenges: 

Clean, Check and Maintain.



  • The dryer: Clean the condenser and check the refrigerant level of your refrigerant dryer.
  • The oil/water separators will also be dealing with increased condensation through the warmer months so check their condition and replace ageing filters. ​​​​​​​



  • Check the air compressor and components daily for moisture and ice buildup. Pipes and components far from the air compressor motor can be especially vulnerable to icing.
  • Check the auto drain system daily for icing and obstructions. If you do not have an auto drain valve, manually drain condensate from the system daily.
  • Check oil levels frequently. Your system works harder in the winter and may use more oil. In some cases, you may want to change to a lighter weight winter-grade oil in colder weather. Check the owner’s manual for your system or contact your manufacturer for guidance.
  • Check filters frequently for icing and blockage. Change filters if they become iced over.

Annual Tasks:

  • Service the pump and engine
  • Run your air compressor and check its output
  • Review all safety equipment and shutoff options