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Air Data Assessments

Our Air Data (AD) assessment is an investigation of a compressed air system which helps to determine the air, pressure and demand load requirements. It allows us to provide expert recommendations on how your compressed air system can be managed to its full potential, and provide solutions to reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and save a substantial amount of energy!

At Compressed Air Controls, our AD assessment is a four step process:

  1. Free Site Assessment. This is where we visit your site to have a look at how your compressed air system is running, identify your site requirements and have a chat to find out if there is any planned expansion.
  2. AD. This is a detailed investigation into your site’s current and possible future compressed air requirements. This analysis is run over 7-10 days via a computer aided service tool and can be used on multiple machines.
  3. Presentation of Results. This is where we present the results of the investigation and the inefficiencies identified, and provide recommendations and concepts on how to optimise your compressed air system to ensure it runs efficiently.
  4. Costing and Installation. We provide a quote on the costs to have concept installed into your workplace.