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Air Quality 

Compressed Air Controls can test and assist you to meet and maintain your equipment so that it meets ISO air quality requirements for your industry and so staff is safe. We can do that by providing drains, filters and breathing equipment.

Air quality is important, no matter the industry or environment you work in. However, airborne pollutants, moisture, and unmaintained equipment can easily impact the quality of air.

While clean and safe air cannot be seen, employers have a duty of care to ensure that polluted air is eliminated or reduced in the work environment, and that the applications they are running meet the industry standards. While it may sound like an impossible task, there are a few things that you can do to help eliminate or minimise these.


Air quality testing is important for many industries, particularly those that use compressed air for their application as contaminants can easily end up in their end product. It is also important to the employees that work on those applications, as they are breathing in the air that is around the equipment. 

We can test the air purity of compressed air systems and test what levels of contaminants people are being exposed to. We do this through a comprehensive breathing air purity test to check the level of compressed air contaminants of oil, water and particulates, both upstream and downstream, of your equipment. Our air test kit provides a real-time display of the oxygen content within the compressed air system. Once the test is complete, we interpret the results and provide expert advice and recommendations on how you can achieve clear air for your application and work environment. 

We are also available to undertake regular maintenance to ensure that the ISO standards for your specific industry are met. If you are unsure of the air quality standards you are required to meet, contact us and we will be able to assist you. 


Condensate is inevitable when it comes to compressed air and if it isn't removed, it can have harmful effects on your system - resulting in costly downtime and increased operating cost. Investing in drains that are right for your application demands and having them installed correctly will ensure your compressed air system will be free from the damaging effects of liquid, oil and carbon. We stock a range of drains. 


We stock a range of compressed air filters and activated carbon absorbers to provide your systems and processes with reliable, highly efficient protection against dust, aerosols and oil vapours for all purity classes. 

Moisture, or water vapour, is inevitable with applications that use compressed air. Compressed air dryers are important as they remove moisture from the air and protect application against condensate damage (even under the harshest conditions). We stock a range of dryers that will ensure perfect drying of compressed air for your application and flow rate.

Check out ELGi's AirMate Accessories, including drain valves, filters and dryers here.


We stock a range of personal protective equipment that protects workers from inhaling dangerous substances. These are available for hire or purchase. Contact us for more information. ​


No matter what industry you work in or the types of contaminants you need to control, we can help you improve the quality of air and ensure you meet the prescribed ISO requirements.