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Air Compressor Servicing including AirCare✓

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All compressors, any brand; we can reactively or proactively service and maintain them all: ELGi Equipments Ltd  (who we are the lower North Island distributor for), CompAir, Atlas Copco, Hydrovane, Hindin, Ingersoll Rand, ABAC, Alup, Broomwade, Ceccato, Rotair and Kaeser.

Reasons why you shouldn't skip a service: 

  • Your compressor will not run as efficiently. If the compressor has blocked filters, for example, then the filter can't stop water and contaminants getting into pipework where it could contaminate your product or downstream equipment, the compressor will also waste energy fighting the pressure drops.
  • Skipping a service could cause damage to the compressor as belts wear out, filters become ineffective and could cause an expensive breakdown and the loss of production.  (You can hire a compressor from us to lessen downtime while maintenance or repairs are taking place.)


  • Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of machinery. Checking and replacing the oil and filters can prolong the lifetime of your compressor.
  • The warranty becomes void if your compressor is not serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. (We are scheduling services according to the machine's hours, instead of by how many months you have had it as it may have not been used during the lockdown.)
  • Dirty sites are dangerous. They are fire hazards as rubbish, like dirty leaves, can clog up your compressor and cause fires.  As part of our service, we ensure the compressor area is clean and free of debris

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  • Spring brings challenges like pesky pollen. Pollen particles may block pre-intake filters, reducing air supply to the compressor. More contaminants in the air increase the risk of the compressor's vents blocking and the compressor overheating.  Spring's humidity also causes more condensate (water in the compressor system). More condensate will put a demand on the oil/water separators and drain. If a compressor is left struggling for too long it will break down. So let us give your compressor a spring clean to eliminate all those issues while ensuring the compressor's filters, drains and dryers are all clean and fresh for the challenges that spring will bring.



Major services to a compressed, blower or vacuum air system can be a huge cost, not only in consumables and labour, but also due to an unplanned production shutdown. With AirCare✓, we take care of your air maintenance and replacement needs, provide 24/7 expert advice and support, and give you peace of mind that your system is running reliably and efficiently.

How AirCare✓ Works

Using our purpose built and sophisticated software, we take into account your facility's environment, equipment usage and operating hours to configure a fixed monthly fee based on the unique needs of your system. This monthly cost will ensure precautionary measures are put in place via a predictive service and maintenance schedule, and will also ensure basic consumables are replaced before they are worn. There are three different levels of cover (Standard, Premium and Premium Plus) and this determines the level of responsibility you want us to take in maintaining your system.

What is Predictive Maintenance?

It is a more proactive approach to maintenance than traditional service plans, which are typically more reactive as they fix issues once they have arised. We use the data from our purpose built customer site management software to predict when issues might occur and rectify them before they cause any damage. This helps to extend the lifespan of costly equipment, such as compressors, vacuum pumps and blowers as we regularly inspect your system.

Here are the benefits of our preventative maintenance schedule, AirCare✓:  

  • There are three levels of AirCare✓; standard, premium and premium plus. With Premium or Premium Plus Cover you gain a no breakdown guarantee. That means if your compressor breaks down after you have signed up for AirCare✓, we will fix it free of charge. Conditions apply.
  • You know the costs upfront through the monthly billing system. 
  • Preventative servicing in the long term is cheaper.
  • Preventative servicing is more convenient for you as we can​​​​​​ maintain the machines at times that are convenient for you.
  • Preventative maintenance mitigates inconvenient and stressful breakdowns that will result in costly downtime and loss of production.
  • You also get to take advantage of our significant discounts on pneumatics. We are the only ones in the industry who directly import and distribute pneumatics and if you sign up for AirCare you will be rewarded with 15%-40% discounts on some pneumatic products, on top of trade account discounts.  (If you stop using AirCare, or don't sign up, you pay trade prices.)
  • Our unique custom-made database knows your site's service history,  equipment and components and health and safety requirements

Can other service providers give you all this?  That is one of many questions you should ask a service provider before you agree to them servicing your compressor. Read more here.

Need More Convincing?

From 24/7 access to experienced and factory trained service technicians, reduced downtime and increased productivity, and special discount on pneumatic products, there are so many reasons why you will benefit from AirCare✓. Read more of the benefits in the brochure below.

Interested? To find out more or to sign up, contact the team at Compressed Air Controls

Scope of Service


AirCare✓ Scope of Service



Premium Plus

Service Levels


Check display, warning and alarm messages

Check shutdown and safety functions

Undertake Inspection Work


Perform component function test

Check monitoring, switching and controls components

Check integrity of electrical clamps and joints

Check pipe and hose connections

Inspect electrical components, indicators and displays

Inspect mechanical components

Clean cooler and check for leaks

Check and record temps and dew points

Re-grease motor bearings

Replace condensate drain receiver / service kit

Perform Maintenance Work


Replace air filters, inlet filter mats

Replace oil, oil filter, oil separator cartridge , exhaust filters and oil scavenger

Replace drive belts, drive coupling

Update controller software


Replace piston rings, pressure springs and guide bands


Replace filter elements

Replace activated charcoal and desiccant

Clean filtrate

Clean separator drain and dirt trap

Replace condensate treatment components, activated charcoal filter cartridge

Replace condensate drain receiver / service kit

Replace permanently lubricated motor bearings



Replace valves / service kits


Perform Preventative Maintenance Work


Replace non-permanently motor bearings



Replace or repair air end block



Repair and replace pressure relief valve and fittings



Prepare/replace monitoring, switching and control components



Replace safety screens



Replace drive pulleys



Repair or replace cooling system



Repair or replace pistons, gudgeon pins and cylinders



Repair or replace fan blades



Repair or replace fan shafts



Repair or replace heat exchanger



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