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Questions you should ask a service provider before you agree to them servicing your compressor.

What happens if my equipment stops and you are not available?

Compressed Air Controls offer emergency services any time of the day or night and our service vehicles are fully stocked to help ensure issues can be responded to quickly.

Where is your workshop and support locally?

Compressed Air Controls have six service technicians covering the lower North Island; four in Palmerston North and two in Wellington. 

Every technician's vehicle is stocked with compressor parts and fittings, including service and breakdown kits. 

Between our stores in Wellington and Palmerston North, we hold over one million dollars worth of stock to support all pneumatic and compressor needs.

Show me the parts you have in stock for my compressor?

We stock a wide range of brands; check them out here.

What is my service history?

Our Customer Site Management database, when used with AirCare✓:

-predicts issues and enables Compressed Air Controls service technicians to rectify them before they cause any damage 

-lets us know when routine services are due and coordinates tasks to reduce site visits; our aim is that we are on your site as little as possible for your convenience and only for preventative maintenance, not for breakdowns. Sometimes the unforeseeable happens though; we are here 24/7 for breakdowns and callouts. 

-shows the machine's full-service history 

-details Health and Safety Requirements of a site.

-utilises our Sales Engineer for site checks free of charge

Are you quoting the correct service level for my compressor to match my site conditions?

Compressed Air Controls are the only company that offers AirCare✓. 

Our innovative preventative maintenance planning and our purpose-built and sophisticated software, takes into account your facility's environment, equipment usage and operating hours to configure a fixed monthly fee based on the unique needs of your system. 

This monthly cost will ensure precautionary measures are put in place via a predictive service and maintenance schedule, and will also ensure basic consumables are replaced before they are worn. 

There are three different levels of cover (Standard, Premium and Premium Plus) and this determines the level of responsibility you want us to take in maintaining your system.

By paying fixed equal monthly amounts there is no big bill to pay once or twice a year - an accountant's dream!

How long have you worked for this company and/or what is your previous experience?

Two of our service technicians, Hamish Loveridge and Jason Crawford, are the most experienced service technicians in the lower North Island, with about 25 years of experience between them. 

Compressed Air Controls’ owner, Russell Crawford, has over 40 years of industry experience.

Our other staff and sales engineers have years of experience as well and are growing their skill level and knowledge of all brands of compressors, vacuum pumps and pneumatic equipment in our market. 

Our team all have different skills and knowledge and help is only a phone call away if needed.

All this experience is on tap for compressor issues, pneumatic systems, and vacuum applications.

This ensures you, our customer, and all of your equipment will always get the best service from Compressed Air Controls Ltd.