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Compressed Air Controls’ Top 10 Tips For Energy Savings

  1. Lower the system pressure. Every additional bar of system pressure could increase power consumption by 7%. At the point of use, it is important to have a pressure regulator and filter as they prevent artificial air leak consumption.

  2. Save on cleaning parts or cooling staff. Consider a dedicated low-pressure side channel blower to blow water off parts or to cool staff.  If you use air from an industrial air compressor to cool staff you could use 19,300 kW of power a year which could cost you $2,800/ year. If you used a Klee side channel blower instead you could use 7000kW of power and it will cost you $1,080/year. Using a side channel blower instead of a compressor is safer too because the pressure is lower so any contaminants won’t hit your staff like bullets.

  3. Consider a VFD. Screw compressors should run under full load. If the usage pattern varies, consider a Variable Frequency Drive for up to a 35% energy cost reduction.

  4. Size matters. Compressed Air Controls can help you get the right-sized compressor for your requirements. An oversized compressor will run on unload mode, leading to higher power consumption. Correct sized pipework and connections are also important. We would also ensure that the compressor was installed in a clean and well-ventilated area where the exhaust air was ventilated to maintain the correct temperature in the compressor room.

  5. Consider a Site Energy Assessment and a Leak Detection Survey from Compressed Air Controls. With a Site Energy Assessment, we can assess your site's needs and make sure you have the right-sized compressors and dryers or if you need to replace them with more energy-efficient ones from ELGi, possibly with a VFD,  or need to retrofit a Heat Recovery System.  With a CS ultrasonic leak detector, our Service Technicians can conduct a leak detection survey to find leaks, measure the leak size (cfm) and potential savings to come out of fixing it ($/year). We can photograph the location of the leaking parts and recommend the necessary actions we can take to fix it. We can also measure and document dew point, flow, pressure and temperature. 

  6. On-time service. As part of our preventative maintenance schedule, AirCare✓, our service technicians will regularly change the air filter and clean the cooler packs. We will also keep your compressor’s oil coolers, intakes and your dryer’s condenser clean and ensure the ambient temperatures stay low. As part of our preventative maintenance, we will also keep an eye on the energy use and make sure the equipment is not using more than it should.

  7. Quarterly checks. At the end of business, every three months is the perfect opportunity for the engineering staff or the business owner to conduct leak checks in the compressed air circuit. We can provide advice on how to conduct these tests and we can help fix the leaks.

  8. Heat recovery options. Compressed Air Controls can install or retrofit an ELGI Heat Recovery System. This can harness compressor generated energy, which is normally lost, to heat water or air. By sending the hot water the compressor has heated to your boiler,  it won't need to heat water for as long to get to the required temperature. This system could even eliminate the need for additional equipment to heat water. It is a first-of-its-kind heat recovery system which uses 96% of the waste heat generated by an air compressor. This Heat Recovery System also helps the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

  9. Dryer and filter advice. Compressed Air Controls will ensure you have the right type and size of dryer, and filters, for your requirements as they know an oversized dryer will consume more power.

  10. Pre-filters. Compressed Air Controls can install pre-filters for suction air and cooling air, which will extend the life of the compressor and its consumables.

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