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We are experienced in all areas of pneumatic automation design and can provide turnkey solutions to businesses. If you would like to automate a process or discuss a concept, we can help.

Our Pneumatic Automation Design Process

We enjoy the challenge of coming up with innovative solutions for our customers, so if you have an idea or concept but are not sure it can be automated, get in touch with us. We are always available to have a chat and can usually offer a reasonable idea of costs over a cup of tea, before any costs have been incurred.

Some common examples where our pneumatic automation expertise can improve production output and reliability are: 

  • Upgrading:
    • An old, unreliable machine running on logic controls can be upgraded to include a modern controller, which will provide improved production and reliability. This is all for a fraction of the cost of a replacement machine.
    • Compressor break downs can be a sign that the system needs to be upgraded. We recently did some pneumatic automation upgrades to a power station's pneumatics using our MAC valves and Master Pneumatic filter/lubricator sets and Air Torque actuators. The original installation had no isolation or lubrication to the pneumatic control actuator/butterfly valves. We also serviced the compressor and now we are not having any more breakdown callouts at 2 am and the customer is wrapt that he can sleep soundly again.
  • Production bottlenecks: These prevent production output and can be improved or eliminated by automation of these tasks.
  • Making tasks more efficient and safe by building an automated machine to perform these; i.e. using machines instead of staff in cold areas, like freezers, which reduced repetitive strain injury and staff safety concerns. 
  • Redesigning pneumatic circuitry for the Fire Service's Hazmat truck and supplying the drawing for their manual.
  • WATCH: Higgins staff safer now with remote chip spreader that we designed pneumatically

You can read more about some of the pneumatic automation solutions we provide our customers in our Recent Projects.

Here’s our typical process of how we provide successful automated solutions for our customers.

1. Contact

contact.jpegWe have an open discussion to gain an understanding of your requirements and business needs/design concept ideas. This can be over a coffee at one of our branches, via video conference, or at a location that suits you. During this initial consult, we will be able to give you a general indication of costs that you may incur. Here we will also let you know about our business and product offering so you are aware of all of our capabilities.

2. Site Visit (if applicable) and Concept Brainstorm

 site-visit.jpegWe visit your site to see your application or what you want to be automated in action. This allows us to provide the best solution/concept options to suit your requirements, environment and equipment. Our team of experts then have a ‘think tank’ and come up with a concept idea or ideas that should meet your requirements. We then present these with you and give an idea of costs to get the concept built.

3. Scope of Work

scope-of-work.jpegIf agreed, we define the scope of work which includes a more specific indication of costs, identifies roles and responsibilities in the process (including if there is an agreement with external parties such as fabricators or electricians).  

4. Work can be carried out in stages, to spread the cost, or it can be done in one go.

5. Prototype Development  

We develop and build a prototype and test it to ensure that it will meet your requirements.

6. Solution Testing and Integration

solution-testing-integration.jpegWe install into site/application and undertake the commissioning and testing until we are happy that it has provided the outcome you are after. We project manage the build and will coordinate the other trades around it.


If you have been wondering about automating an operation, whether it is to improve safety or to help streamline a process, get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat today on 0508 763 862.