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Air compressor repairs

We have workshops in Palmerston North and Wellington and have fully equipped vehicles to be able to service any job - be it routine services or 24/7 callouts.

This means we save our customers money as we can undertake common services/breakdowns on the spot, without having to wait for parts or equipment to arrive or make unnecessary trips back to our workshop.

We can also provide loan compressors to lessen downtime while repairs are taking place.

ELGi's new app, that our technicians now have access to, is also helpful. 

Our technicians have ELGi's Air-Solve app at their fingertips that could tell them how to fix a fault before they are even on-site.

That means when a customer rings with a fault light flashing, the technician can consult their app and be informed about what that means and how to fix it before they even leave the workshop.

It is a lot quicker than looking through a manual and means the technicians can be there quickly and with a more informed view of what is going wrong with your machine. 

Our Customer Site Management database, when used with AirCare✓;​​​​​

  • predicts issues  and enables Compressed Air Controls service technicians to rectify them before they cause any damage 
  • lets us know when routine services are due
  • shows the machine's full-service history 
  • details the Health and Safety requirements of a site

We are the only company that offers AirCare✓:   gain peace of mind through our innovative preventative maintenance planning and a clear idea of the cost of servicing.

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