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Reasons why you shouldn't skip a service: 

  • Your compressor will not run as efficiently. If the compressor has blocked filters, for example, then the filter can't stop water and contaminants getting into pipework where it could contaminate your product or downstream equipment, the compressor will also waste energy fighting the pressure drops.
  • Skipping a service could cause damage to the compressor as belts wear out, filters become ineffective and could cause an expensive breakdown and the loss of production.  (You can hire a compressor from us to lessen downtime while maintenance or repairs are taking place.)


  • Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of machinery. Checking and replacing the oil and filters can prolong the lifetime of your compressor.
  • The warranty becomes void if your compressor is not serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. (We are scheduling services according to the machine's hours, instead of by how many months you have had it as it may have not been used during the lockdown.)
  • Dirty sites are dangerous. They are fire hazards as rubbish, like dirty leaves, can clog up your compressor and cause fires.  As part of our service, we ensure the compressor area is clean and free of debris

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  • Spring brings challenges like pesky pollen. Pollen particles may block pre-intake filters, reducing air supply to the compressor. More contaminants in the air increase the risk of the compressor's vents blocking and the compressor overheating.  Spring's humidity also causes more condensate (water in the compressor system). More condensate will put a demand on the oil/water separators and drain. If a compressor is left struggling for too long it will break down. So let us give your compressor a spring clean to eliminate all those issues while ensuring the compressor's filters, drains and dryers are all clean and fresh for the challenges that spring will bring.